The Social Development Research Initiative (SDRI) conducts social research and links researchers who work in the poorest areas of the world.

We are committed to:

  • building partnerships across disciplinary and national boundaries;
  • the development and application of the best social science methods; and,
  • policy-relevant research.

We work in a range of developing countries and bring a wealth of international and grass-roots experience to our research.

In addition to providing information on SDRI members and our work, this site provides resources for social science researchers working in development contexts. Click on resources for the latest.


We have published a series of life histories from rural Bangladesh in our Jiboner Itihash project, drawing from SDRI/CPRC research into poverty dynamics.

Latest news

22 August 2012. Why Poverty Persists: Poverty Dynamics in Asia and Africa, edited by Bob Baulch, is now available in paperback from Edward Elgar Publishing. Flier available here.

7 March 2012. A new article by Bob Baulch on Decomposing the ethnic gap in rural Vietnam, 19932004 has been published in Oxford Development Studies.

1 September 2011. A new book edited by Bob Baulch Why Poverty Persists: Poverty Dynamics in Asia and Africa has been published by Edward Elgar.

More news

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